Analysis & Commentary

Covert Radio

Assessing the threat of the militant white separatist movement.

The Martha Zoller Show

Suicide attack at Pakistani nuclear weapons complex.

This Result is What the People of Lebanon Wanted’

Another blogger, Tony Badran, in his blog Across the Bay, warned of a “potential looming crisis on the horizon… especially since Hizbullah and the March 8 groups have shown themselves to be anti-democratic and violent forces who wouldn’t hesitate to paralyze the country and ultimately attack...

America’s Newsroom

How to pressure the Iranian regime.

Mike Rosen Show

NIE report.

US Treads Warily to Preserve Hope of Tehran Talks

Michael Leeden, a conservative foreign affairs specialist based in Washington and the author of a forthcoming book on Iran, echoed McCain. “I am sure they feel trapped,” he said of the Obama administration. “If they criticise the Iranians, they feel they will lessen the chances of...

The John Batchelor Show

Hamas gunrunner assassination in Dubai.

Book TV

Analysts Skeptical New Somali Navy Can Fight Piracy

Analyst J. Peter Pham said he supports the Somali government efforts to build a navy that can take over maritime security duties from the international community. But he said a fragile government, preoccupied with establishing authority, cannot do it alone.

“It can be built under the aegis of...

America’s News HQ

Jihad Jane and trends in homegrown terrorism.

Farce: Burying the Bush Doctrine in Annapolis

Secure Freedom Radio

How to counter the Shariah “narrative” against the United States.

BBC Radio 5 Live

Palestinian Infighting in Gaza

Obama, The Hamlet Of Foreign Policy

“Words must mean something,” or so said President Barack Obama back in April.

He’s right. And if you want a benchmark for words that really do mean something, then this Saturday, July 4, would be a great time to get out the old Declaration of Independence, and—especially if you haven’t read...

The John Batchelor Show

Secretary Gates’ Iran memo.

Fox & Friends

The possibility that the September bin Laden tape is old footage.

Misreading Elections Result in Morocco

June 12 was election day in Iran. But in another Muslim country, local elections were also conducted that very day. It was in Morocco and the outcome was very little commented and when it was, the analysis was most of the time flawed.

Indeed the Western media and various experts declared...

To The Point

How Iran factors into US-Russian nuclear negoitations.

Bill Roggio, Crunch Time in Pakistan

Stop The Apologizing

In a year that has not lacked for absurd moments, one of the most bizarre just passed almost unnoticed. That would be the spectacle of the U.S. secretary of state apologizing to India for the climate of the planet.

Hillary Clinton was speaking in Mumbai, making remarks last Saturday at the...


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