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U.S. Sanctions IRGC Engineering Firms

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies' Mark Dubowitz said today's designation was a good start, given the dominant role of the parent firm (whose full name is Gharargah Sazandegi-ye Khatam al-Anbia, or GHORB) in the Iranian energy sector. "To

Ghana Leader Urges Calm Amid Presidential Revote

Africa expert Peter Pham said it will be crucial "for the loser to concede graciously and for the victor to accept his win in a restrained manner."

"The closeness of the poll ... indicates a sharp divide and the need for both sides to work together to preserve what has been a hitherto model...

Nothing But Truth

Libya, terrorism and the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

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U.S. Lawmaker to Push Iran Gasoline Sanctions Bill

WASHINGTON, Sept 25 (Reuters) - The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives said on Friday revelations about Iran's new secret uranium enrichment facility have made him more determined to move ahead with sanctions

When Dealing with Punks, There’s No Time to be a Liberal

As Claudia Rosett, the leading journalistic investigator of UN perfidy, has been documenting for some years now (in her weekly column and elsewhere), the punks of Palestine have benefited from a level of permission that amounts to direct encouragement.


Read the article here.


The Fred Thompson Show

The anniversary of 9/11.

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Iran Set to Receive Gasoline Cargo from Turkey

DUBAI, May 26 (Reuters) - Iran is expected to receive its first shipment of gasoline from Turkey in at least 18 months in June, industry sources said on Tuesday. The deal followed an agreement concluded last week between Turkey and Brazil with Tehran

A New American Future?

Expectations are high. As Professor J. Peter Pham, director of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs and a former senior adviser on Africa to Senator McCain's presidential campaign, says, managing those expectations is the first imperative of the incoming administration,...


Closing of the third missile defense site.

The CIA Vs. the Mullahs

IranHow good is American intelligence on Iran? With the clerical regime intimately involved in Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq, with the mullahs quite probably on the verge of enriching sufficient uranium to make a bomb, and President Obama promising to use more diplomacy and sanctions to...

America’s Newsroom

The UN General Assembly after the cancellation of the third missile defense site.

SPECIAL REPORT: What Does Ethiopia’s Withdrawal Mean for Somalia’s Future?

Ethiopian efforts in Somalia began with an unexpected intervention in December 2006 that rapidly reversed many territorial gains made by the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), an Islamist group that was then on the brink of destroying Somalia's U.N.-recognized transitional federal government (TFG)....

Greg Corombos Show

Rise of American Jihadism.

- New York Times

Who Stands With Iran’s Opposition?

PARIS — Excruciating new problems never nullify the old ones. In the case of Iran's potential nuclear threat, Egypt's gathering implosion — joined by some new elements of concern — is only more bad news for the West. For a month or so, a kind of notional

Nothing But Truth

The future of terrorism.

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Daewoo Takeover by Iranian Firm in Doubt

The agreed US$513 million takeover of South Korea's Daewoo Electronics by Iran's Entekhab Industrial Group is at the risk of collapse as the buyer continues to fail to meet extended deadline to file acquisition funding plans, a leading shareholder said

Congress Wants Vitol - Iran’s Top Supplier of Gasoline Investigated

Three years ago we advocated support of a moratorium against off shore deliveries of refined gasoline products to Iran. We considered it a powerful sanction to thwart nuclear weapons development - now a fait accompli, given revelations about enough enriched uranium in Iran by Joint Chief...

US House OKs Bill Targeting Cost Invested In Iran Energy Sector

Fearing Iran is seeking to use its uranium enrichment for a nuclear weapons program, the legislation is designed to ratchet up the economic pressure on Tehran.

"These sanctions are part of an economic warfare strategy against the Iranian regime," said Foundation for Defense of Democracies...

- Press TV (Iran)

Iranian Union Exported $12bn Last Year’

The Iranian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Products Exporters' Union says it exported USD 12 billion in the previous Iranian year (ending March 20). "The union has been able to claim 50 percent of the country's non-oil exporters by increasing the export of

Covert Radio

Somalia's al-Shabaab.


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