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Canada a Target, ex-CIA Boss Warns

The threat of a major terrorist attack on Canadian soil could grow dramatically when Prime Minister Paul Martin calls a federal election, a former CIA director warned yesterday.

John Batchelor Show

UN and Maurice Strong.

The Michael Reagan Show

Are we safer seven years after 9/11?

For Bush, an Election-Year Powder Keg

The terrorists probably did not plan yesterday’s attacks on Iraqi Shiites to coincide with the American electoral festival of Super Tuesday. But the timing is an apt reminder that this year’s presidential election is likely to be shaped by events the Bush administration cannot control.


All Directions

The Republican National Convention.

All Directions

9/11: 7 years later.

The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge

Al qaeda’s thoughts on the U.S. election.

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Mozart, Marshall and Me

Basic Books has sent me a long but highly readable and at times scintillating book by an old friend, Norman Stone.  The Atlantic and its Enemies is quite long–well over six hundred pages–and although Norman calls it “a history of the Cold War” it’s much more than that, and it’s full of...

PJTV Daily

Obama as a leader.

It Is Better Than Doing Nothing’ ; Mixed Reaction to the Demand for Armed Sky Marshals

Editorial, January 3

Fox and Friends

How will President-Elect Obama handle America’s foreign enemies.

The ‘Bush Doctrine’ Experiences Shining Moments

It has been a week of sweet vindication for those who promulgated what they call the Bush Doctrine.

News Update

Dr. Walid Phares, Ambassador Martin Indick and General Charles Wald on the Iranian threat: “Iran’s regional agenda aims at reaching the Mediterranean.”

Saddam Hussein Captured: News Analysis

For President Bush, the capture of Saddam Hussein provides a huge short-term political boost. But its long-term impact during the coming campaign year will depend largely on its effect in Iraq.

News Update

Additional US troops to be sent to Afghanistan.

This Week: Turkey and the War on Terrorism

Host: Istanbul came under a terrorist attack last month with four suicide bombings. More than sixty people were killed and hundreds were wounded. The victims were Muslims, Christians and Jews. The first two attacks were against synagogues. The second pair of attacks came against the...

The Jon Justice Show

Arrival of Russian warships in Venezuela.

Poster Women for Peace?

A group called Fellowship of Reconciliation—its mission is to “replace violence, war, racism and economic injustice with nonviolence, peace and justice”—has been hosting a “Women of Iraq Tour” of the United States.

News Update

The terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Western Press Review: Iraq, The Middle East, and Terror

Much Western press commentary today examines the preconditions, conduct, funding, policies, and aftermath of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.


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