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American Morning

O’BRIEN: Bill Clinton’s latest campaign is shaping up as a sure- fire best seller. We’re talking, of course, about the P.R. push behind the former president’s memoirs.

Ex-Senator’s Skills May Heal Rifts

ANALYSIS: While some conservatives worry he is too liberal, others say he has the needed mix of temperament and experience to bridge a growing U.S.-U.N. gulf.

Market Call

RHONDA SCHAFFLER, CNNfn ANCHOR, MARKET CALL: The Bush administration is scrambling to contain two controversies coming out of Iraq. The first, the apparent abuse of prisoners. An internal U.S. Army report has reportedly found that Iraqi detainees were subjected to sadistic, blatant and...

Analysis with Walid Phares

Paula Zahn Now

ZAHN: Time to get a different perspective now from a man who once ran the CIA. James Woolsey was the director for the CIA for two years under President Clinton. One year ago, he called the war on terrorism the fourth world war. He joins us now from Washington.

Los medios no aplican la misma vara para medir el abuso en la prisión de Irak

Por espacio de tres semanas, los medios de prensa nos bombardearon con una orgía pornográfica de fotos e informaciones sobre los abusos y humillaciones a que fueron sometidos los presos en las cárceles iraquíes. Ha sido virtualmente imposible evitar ver en nuestras pantallas de...

Market Call

RHONDA SCHAFFLER, CNNfn ANCHOR, MARKET CALL: CIA Director George Tenet faces some of the most pointed questions yet on Iraqi weapons this morning. He’s testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee as we show you live picture of that under way. Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy is...

Bush Stresses the Strength of America

The use of American military might abroad has accomplished twin aims, President George W. Bush said Tuesday—it has liberated millions of oppressed people while making Americans safer.

Travis Smiley’s Show

World News

President Bush’s upcoming trip to Africa.

Sudan Strikes Out in Chad Crisis - At Least for Now

N’Djamena, the capital of the Central African country of Chad, belied its name – derived from the Arabic for “place of rest” – this month. February opened with a literal bang in the dusty, sprawling city as thousands of rebels opposed to Chadian President Idriss Déby Itno stormed into...

CNN American Morning

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: Arnold Schwarzenegger says he is looking forward to debating his recall candidates later this month. But he is under fire for sitting out a debate tomorrow that includes the other leading candidates for governor of California.

Live from the Headlines

KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Now back to that fallout from the bogus charge about Iraq and uranium in Africa. More and more Democrats say dubious intelligence never should have made its way into a major presidential address. The White House said it thought its information was solid at the...

Arab Summit Blow-up Appears Bad for Bush

The Bush administration’s attempts to promote democracy in the Arab world appear to have suffered a major setback with the acrimonious collapse of an Arab summit in Tunisia that Washington hoped would boost the initiative.

News Update

There is a US consensus on helping the political process in Iraq.

Anderson Cooper 360

Covert Radio

Developments in Yemen and Pakistan.

American Moring

HEMMER: In politics, President Bush’s re-election team now rolling out its first TV ads of the 2004 campaign.

News Update

Marriott hotel bombing in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Israel, el Tribunal de La Haya y el muro que no lo es

El pasado diciembre, la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas decidió por mayoría simple pedir al Tribunal Internacional de Justicia de La Haya su opinión sobre la legalidad del “muro” que Israel estaba construyendo como parte de su estrategia contra el terrorismo palestino. Tal...


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