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Collapse of the Security System

"President Zardari, who had just given his first major address as the head of state, on fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda, was probably the target of Saturday's attack," said Gartenstein Ross, the vice-president for research at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies. "He was expected to...

The 700 Club

North Korean nuclear test.

Trouble in Taipei

J. Peter Pham of the Nelson Institute for International and Public Affairs warns: "At a time when the capabilities of the People's Liberation Army are rapidly expanding, the delicate cross-strait balance is being jeopardized. Not only will the effective suspension of arms sales undermine the...

The World Tonight

The Taliban's War against Pakistan.

Beyond the Politics with Bill Bennett

The election.

CNN Newsroom

The Arkansas Army-Navy Career Center shooting.

Ringside - Politics with a Punch

Energy security.


Former VP Cheney's criticism of the Obama administration.

The Roger Hedgecock Show

Energy security.

Lee Rodgers Show

The Iranian elections and Af/Pak.

- Wall Street Journal

Smart Sanctions Can Work Against Iran

After a fraudulent election and its brutal aftermath, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his junta must now be persuaded that their pursuit of nuclear weapons will be unbearably costly. The Obama administration appears poised to implement what

Open Agenda

What future threats awaits the new U.S. President?

News Update

Netanyahu's speech.

- New York Daily News

To Pressure Iran, Obama Should Work on Europe—Not Russia and China

The Obama administration is squandering valuable time and resources in making extended overtures to Russia and China to join the West's crackdown on Iran's illegal atomic program. Secretary of State Clinton should instead turn to Europe - where leading

Opposite Directions

U.S. Presidency and decion makers in America.

News Update

U.S. reopening embassies in Damascus and Caracas.

- Contentions

Iran’s Game of Negotiations

One unanswered question about the nuclear-swap deal: who provides the 120 kilograms of 20 percent enriched uranium fuel rods to Iran? Because that is what swapping means — Iran gives Turkey 1,200 kilograms; the 1,200 kilograms sit in Turkey under IAEA,

Obama’s War

COIN ManualKabul, Afghanistan - American troops in Afghanistan are fighting what will soon become Barack Obama's war - not just because he will inherit it, but also because he has claimed it. This is "the right battlefield," Obama has said. The war in Afghanistan "has to be won."

Hitting Tehran Where It Hurts

After three decades of an Islamic revolution that has neither upheld Islam's virtues nor brought revolutionary change from repression, many Iranians have had enough. But political transformation, if indeed that's what we're seeing the start of, won't necessarily be immediate. For instance,...

Gates is in

Michael Ledeen:

I'm very pleased that Bob Gates will remain at the Pentagon. He inherited a badly dispirited building and has restored its efficiency and morale, no small accomplishment. At the same time, he has learned firsthand about the often incredible qualities of our military, which I...


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