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The NSA controversy.

The Wide Angle

The situation in Iran.

News Update

Developments in Iraq and Lebanon.

Best of the Web Today - Arabs Fighting for Israel

A recurrent theme among what Clifford May has dubbed the "posthumanitarian left," often echoed by "realists" on the right, is that Arabs are congenitally or culturally incapable of democracy. But there are in fact some one million Arabs living in the Middle East under a democratic...

News Update

Iraq's multiethnic society.

Bill Meyer Radio Show

Is the West ready for the next stage in the War on Terror?

Fox News Radio

Developments at the Republican National Convention.

Listen Up: Should the Telecoms be Punished for Helping Protect You from Terrorists?

Are you outraged? You’re supposed to be. According to Peter Eliasberg, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11/01 attacks, “everybody in the country” may have had their phone calls “combed through” for terrorist connections and, if...

News Update

The U.N. scandal.


Afghanstan, Iraq, al-Qaeda and the Taliban.


My Son, My Son’

Thanks to Claudia Rosett, an enterprising reporter writing in The New York Sun, the world now knows that some information put out by Secretary General Kofi Annan about his son's involvement with a Swiss inspection company at the heart of the U.N. oil-for-food scandal is untrue.

Battle Line with Alan Nathan

President Bush's speeches on Iraq.

News from CNN with Wolf Blitzer

For a closer look at all of today's "Hot Topics," we're joined by two of our guests. Peter Beinart is the editor of "The New Republic." Cliff May from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy.

Crane Durham Show

Willful Blindness

White House Takes Aim at U.N.‘s Nuclear Chief

While President Bush and Sen. John Kerry were arguing last week over the looting of high explosives in Iraq, a parallel fight was being waged in the shadows, one that could bedevil U.S. foreign policy long after today's election.

The John Batchelor Show

The Congo and debt relief.

News Update

The build up of Iraqi forces.

Iran Project

To counter the threat Iran represents to America and its allies, FDD conducts detailed policy research, appears in print, online and broadcast media, and develops actionable policy recommendations. FDD's Iran team includes some of Washington's top experts on sanctions, illicit finance, nonproliferation, terrorism, human rights and Iran's domestic power apparatus.

FDD pushes for effective verification of the flawed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear accord, as well as holding Tehran accountable on its illicit ballistic missile program, the network of armed groups it supports, its illicit financial activities, worldwide media operations, and domestic repression.   

FDD Executive Director Mark Dubowitz is an expert on Iran’s global network, its nuclear, terrorist, missile and cyber, and is widely recognized as a key influencer in shaping sanctions policies. Senior Fellow Reuel Marc Gerecht, a senior fellow and former CIA Iran analyst, examines the inner workings of the Islamic Republic’s power structures, while Emanuele Ottolenghi tracks Iranian arms shipments to the war in Syria. Research Analyst Behnam Ben Taleblu tracks Iran’s missile program, while Amir Toumaj follows Tehran-backed militia in the Syrian war.

The Linda Chavez Show

The impact of Hurricane Katrina.

Oil-for-Food IS the Smoking Gun

Those in denial about the links between Saddam and Terrorism... vast proportions of the mainstream media and the huge numbers of Americans (mainly Democrats) that have been deluded by them... ought to read The Scotsman this morning:


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