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Cómo pasó la izquierda sus vacaciones de verano

Hace unos pocos meses, la izquierda pacifista se sentía muy importante. En los campus de todo el país, los catedráticos estaban recibiendo cartas pidiéndoles que guiarán a sus alumnos hacia “una nueva gran iniciativa de organización para acabar con la guerra en Irak – el verano de...

Live at 4

Interrogations controversy.

Fox and Friends

President Obama’s new national security strategy.

Somalia Still Sinking as Eritrea Entertains Enemies

September has not been a good month in the sometime Somali capital of Mogadishu, even by the relative standards of a failed state that has not had an effective central government in the sixteen years since the dictator Muhammad Siyad Barre fled town in January 1991. The month opened with...

Interrogating the CIA

A clever, streetwise classmate of mine at the Central Intelligence Agency’s junior officer training program-a former Delta Force officer-quickly and rudely discovered that counterterrorism in the much-vaunted Reagan years wasn’t a serious endeavor at Langley. He had original and provocative...

Covert Radio

The death of al Qaeda’s number 3.

The Forum

Progress in Iraq


The World Over

Jihadism in Turkey.

The Mark Carbone Show

The war on terrorism

EU Okays Iran Energy Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz, a sanctions expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, called the list a “warning” to international corporations that they could likely be sanctioned if they continued to work with these Iranian entities, under legislation making its way through Congress.


News Hour




TSA terrorism no-fly list.

Iran Wants to Control Two Thirds of Iraq

Mark and Jim Show

Homegrown terrorism.


KGO Morning News

Hamid Karzai’s push to remove up to 50 ex-Taliban officials from UN blacklist.

The Jerry Doyle Show


The John Batchelor Show

New U.S. aid package to Pakistan.

Youth Between 15 and 19 Knows More on Terrorism

News Watch

The Pentagon papers and Wikileaks.

American Morning

The homegrown terror threat posed by Somalia’s al Shabaab.


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