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Testimonies by Tony Badran

March 2016

Hezbollah’s Growing Threat Against U.S. National Security Interests in the Middle East

The Syrian uprising constitutes one of the greatest challenges that Iran and Hezbollah have faced in decades. The collapse of the Assad regime would have, in the words of then-Commander of U.S. Central Command General James Mattis, dealt Iran “the biggest strategic setback in 25 years.” It would have cut Iran’s only land bridge to Lebanon, and deprived Hezbollah of its strategic depth.

February 2015

State Sponsor of Terror: The Global Threat of Iran

Sensing that its moment has arrived, Iran is in the middle of an aggressive region-wide expansionist drive. Today, Iranian officials openly brag about controlling four Arab capitals — Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus and Sanaa.

June 2013

Washington’s Syria Policy

As the Syrian uprising enters its third year, the terrible cost of the Assad’s regime war against the people of Syria is by now well known. Over 80,000 Syrians are dead, more than 1.5 million are refugees outside Syria, with an even higher number internally displaced. As the United States has struggled to define its Syria policy over the past two years, the Syrian war has metastasized, regrettably along predictable lines.

November 2011

U.S. Policy in Syria

Written testimony for the record contributors to this testimony included: Mark Dubowitz (FDD), Reuel Marc Gerecht (FDD), Tony Badran (FDD), Ammar Abdulhamid (FDD), John Hannah (FDD), Jamie M. Fly (FPI) and Robert Zarate (FPI).

September 2011

U.S. Human Rights Toward Iran and Syria

Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia

Axis of Abuse:
U.S. Human Rights Policy toward Iran and Syria, Part II