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Testimonies by Orde Kittrie

November 2015

How the Federal Government Fails American Victims of Iranian and Palestinian Terrorism

Mr. Chairman, I am honored to testify before you and your colleagues today. I commend you for calling this hearing to discuss what more the federal government can and should do to promote justice for American victims of Iranian and Palestinian terrorism. I will begin with an overview of the challenge, and conclude with several specific recommendations. I will focus my remarks on Iran, including those acts of Palestinian terrorism which it has sponsored, because that is an area of expertise for me and I know there are other witnesses who will focus on Palestinian terrorism not sponsored by Iran.

July 2011

H.R. 1327, the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act of 2009

On March 12, 2009, FDD Senior Fellow Orde Kittrie delivered testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade regarding H.R. 1327, the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act of 2009.

June 2011

Financial Hardball: Corralling Terrorists and Proliferators

On April 6th, 2011, FDD’s Dr. Orde Kittrie testified before the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation & Trade on “Financial Hardball: Corralling Terrorists and Proliferators.”