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Trevi Group




Trevi Group has an Iranian branch office located in Bandar Abbas, according to the company's website (Trevi Group website, accessed July 6, 2010).
Date: 2004 - unclear

Deal: According to a Trevi Group press release in 2004, the company was awarded a $15.3 million deal to expand the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas (Trevi Group Press Release, July 27, 2004). The group was reportedly still working on the project in 2007, according to an Italian research firm (Intermonte, October 4, 2007).

Date: 2006 - Present

Deal: The European Drilling Rig Alliance, a partnership between Trevi subsidiary Drillmec and the German firms Bentec and Wirth, was awarded a contract to supply four oil perforation plants worth $93.5 million to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), according to a Trevi Group investment report. Drillmec's share of the project is worth $57.7 million (Trevi Group, June 30, 2006).

U.S. Business Ties: According to, from 2001 to 2004, the U.S. Department of Defense awarded TreviIcos (Trevi Group's North American subsidiary) and its partner American firm Rodio International $48,803,998 in contracts for projects in Florida. The Department of Defense also awarded $70,370,541 in contracts to a joint venture between TreviIcos and French firm Soletanche (, accessed July 6, 2010).

According to a Trevi Group press release on April 23, 2008, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded TreviIcos a $57 million extension of an existing $56 million contract to repair and reinforce the Tuttle Creek dam near Kansas City, Missouri (Trevi Group Press Release, April 23, 2008).

Another Trevi Group press release announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had awarded TreviIcos a $39 million contract for the Herbert Hoover Dike Seepage Cut-Off Wall in Florida in July 2008 (Trevi Group Press Release, July 14, 2008).

In July 2009, TreviIcos, Archer Western and Alberici were awarded a contract worth more than $258 million to improve the New Orleans East Back Levee, according to a Trevi Group press release (Trevi Group Press Release, July 7, 2009).

According to a Trevi Group press release, in May 2010, Harvard University contracted TreviIcos to renovate the Harvard Art Museum, in a deal worth $4.6 million (Trevi Group Press Release, May 3, 2010).