Washington Forum 2011


Post Washington Forum Booklet

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Foreign Policy - Inside the Conference Negotiations on Iran Sanctions

Bloomberg - Berman Resists Pressure to Weaken Iran Sanctions Measure

The Jerusalem Post - US to Turn Non-Military Screws on Iran

The Jerusalem Post - 'No substitute for US leadership on Syria'

Foreign Policy - Adam Smith: I Am NOT Trying to Water Down the Iran Sanctions Legislation

The Jerusalem Post - Dismantling Iran's Clerical Regime

National Post - The New Canada-U.S. Love-In, Built on Iranian Nukes and Alberta Oil


Washington Forum 2011 Honorary Committee:

Chair: Charles Bronfman
Kenneth Abramowitz • Mark and Paula Argosh • Paul and Jane Bishop • Adam Bronfman
Eric Dezenhall • Alvin Dworman • Diana and Michael Epstein • Eric Javits
Lothar and Carlyn Mayer • Charles Moed • David and Ruth Naftaly
Alan and Suzanne K. Peyser • Harry Ploss • Mark Pruzanski • Ken Schwartz
Dianne Sehler and The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Robert J. Shillman (“Doctor Bob”) • Jeff Solomon • Steven Stern • M. Ron Wahid