Weir Group PLC

United Kingdom

Date: 2000 – Unknown

Deal: According to MEED, Weir Group PLC established a joint venture company, Weir Tehran, in Iran to sell pumps to Iranian oil companies in 2000 (MEED Weekly Special Report, February 16, 2001). (accessed via LexisNexis) The company does not currently list a subsidiary or office in Tehran on its website (Weir Group Website, accessed July 11, 2013).

Date: February 2001 – Unclear

Deal: In February 2001, Weir reportedly won several contracts from Iran for the Bandar Imam petrochemical special economic zone (The Herald (Glasgow), February 16, 2001). (Accessed via LexisNexis) Further information on these contracts is not available.

Date: 2006 – Unknown

Deal: In its August 2006 Interim Results, Weir Group reported that it had obtained a new order for “an upgrade project in Iran” (London Stock Exchange Aggregated Regulatory News Service, August 17, 2006). (Accessed via Nexis) Further information on the upgrade project is not available.

U.S. Business Ties:

According to, Weir Group PLC has never received any money from the United States federal government (, accessed April 18, 2013).

According to its website, Weir Minerals, a division of Weir Group PLC, operates its divisional headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, with a network of more than 50 manufacturing, service and sales sites across North America. The majority of these sites are in the U.S. (Weir Group Website, accessed April 18, 2013).

Last Updated: August 20, 2014